A World Like Never-Never Land

Monday, January 14, 2008


Truth has many definitions. It links to words like reality, acceptance, fact, actuality, accuracy, correctness....but truth is perceived in different ways. Truth is sometimes a hidden fact..an embarrassing reality...unaccepted..wrong...

Saying the truth is even harder. It takes so much courage..confrontation..and I don't really know if only love itself can actually give us that amount of power to say the truth and defend those whom we love dearly.

Again, having the choice of either being the truth itself, with all its definitions, or just part of it in someone's life is a choice of a lifetime. One should be responsible enough to make such a choice, and have so much faith. So much faith.

Love fills up your world with so many colors, but there's always a missing color that leaves a shadow...this shadow may be your shelter to hide in..hoping for a real colorful rainbow that lifts you up the sky.