A World Like Never-Never Land

Friday, February 08, 2008

finding ME

I used to think that once I start working, I would only want to think of work, work, work, work...thats how I'll keep moving forward and *shine*. But its hard to be a giving kind of person. To be in some position where you're always expected to give and work even harder. I'm at a point where I lost myself. I lost track of all the things that made me a happy person before starting work. There is no doubt that work has made me experience a different kind of joy, but I miss spoiling myself and goin out for no reason except for enjoying my time. I miss reading a book just for the sake of reading--non special ed. related. And I miss my peaceful goodnight sleep.

Going to Bahrain for the weekend was a helpful first step. I loved being there with my family and my grandmother ofcourse. Everything was so perfect, but it didnt last for long. It didn't last, coz I had to lose myself again and think of a very special person..who has lost her mind..and lost herself..

So now I decided to take some time and think of me. Just do things that make me happy. Starting with meeting my dear friends whom I miss so much =)