A World Like Never-Never Land

Sunday, February 24, 2008


So after my so-called "finding NEMO" post I did manage to get involved in some activities that made my life more...interesting?

First I went to the bookstore..bought tens of books..and I had to stay away from the educational section..although I felt I was gradually being attracted to it, but NO, I managed to stay away. It felt great to get back to reading..since it was an old habit before I switched to reading actual educational books. I got connected to different aspects of my life instead of being only connected to my career life. I also was able to think of school from 'a distance'. I don't know how to explain this concept, but I mean sometimes when you get the chance to stay away from something, you get to look at it in a sorta objective way..which makes it easier for you to judge and analyze..and plan future steps..

Second, YES I am learning a new skill! and YES again it feels so great. I feel like I'm being productive. It's like studying a different course when you have a schedule full of education courses. I won't talk about it much =x

And speaking of courses..I have to admit..I miss being in UNI. Although I didn't really have friends to hang out with..or unforgetable memories..or crazy adventures..my UNI was my own territory..where I felt safe..I got to explore the world from my own spot..I really can't wait for my graduation and getting back in contact with all my classmates..friends..and teachers..but at the same time..it would mark the day in which I will..literally..leave the zoo..once and for all.

And also speaking of courses..I had this inclusion workshop today *flashback*..yes MY inclusion..but I actually didn't hear the presentor speaking of inclusion..it was mostly about different disabilities and different special needs..I also heard stories about how regular teachers are dealing with those with special needs who have been included in their classrooms. Didn't think it was positive. It revealed that teachers DO REQUIRE MUCH TRAINING. And those workshops came so late.

I miss being Tinky..whenever I open up my blog thing..i find myself clicking on my special world..I am still trapped in my career life..but I guess thats what I enjoy the most..its where I find myself...where I belong..So Mizzy..learn to accept it..read it..and comment! and by the way..I do feel that u kinda developed this thing towards children..like observing them..analyzing their actions..and perhaps being more understanding of their needs..which is positive! So you do deserve a round of applause =P & one more thing..thank you for everything =) being around you means so much to me..