A World Like Never-Never Land

Thursday, March 20, 2008

In the previous month, I have been selected to be a part of 2 conferences related to the area of special needs. I met a lot of wonderful people who share a passion and a belief: that people with special needs deserve better. It does show that those kinda well-known professionals did not become THAT in a day or so. It took them years of struggle and hardwork. Its not like becoming famous after building the tallest tower in the world, or paying billions for a number plate. Its the role they played in changing others' lives. To the better.

After those 2 conferences, it felt like my knowledge was just a tiny little dot in the area of special needs. Its like I have so much more to learn. But the thing is, such knowledge can never be totally gained through books or websites. Its the experience that makes it up. And I'm so willing to make the most out of my experience inshallah.

One thing I was reminded with. I have finally found my way through this great field. Its too overwhelming and I'm so thrilled with the amount of info available. Its a big world out there, and I should always keep in mind that there's the good and bad, and not get deceived with the 'good cause' which some try to hide their bad intentions behind.

I do know that there should be some limits drawn between myself and others, but I want to learn how to draw such limits myself, instead of being told what to do. Sometimes I love having my own space, where I feel free to decide whats best for me, and do it, just to feel the joy behind such an independent action, without any intention to hide it from anyone. I did not see anything wrong with exchanging knowledge. I did not see anything wrong with exchanging materials that were knowledge-related whether it was through the workshops, e-mail, or even quick conversations. Thats was my whole point. And I did not feel like such a point should be explained to anyone because that was my thing to decide. Unfortunately, such an action might be misunderstood. But I have to admit, this time it was a risk. And its not worth the risk.