A World Like Never-Never Land

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dear 2009,


Its crazy how you're passing by so fast. I feel like I typed the 2008 post yesterday. You make me feel like I'm running, non-stop, not being able to look back at what I've done the past hour, minute, second. You play around with us by being fast during those special moments, and slowing down when we feel the urge to cry and forget the world in a blink. As you pass by, you make me realize that I might have made wrong decisions in my life. But it also made me think of how much these decisions expanded my view towards the world, people surrounding me, and myself. For that, I am thankful.

Dear 2009,

I have faith and I'm holding on to it. I'm hoping, with all my heart, that this is my year. My year to celebrate. Whether celebrating happiness, or celebrating change. I have 2 plans, either to continue to earn a Masters Degree. Or simply celebrate. You should be the year, or else, a lot of things will need to be changed. You will determine what my 2010 post should state. You will help me find my lost self. I have so much faith in you, and I hope that you do not fail me.

My plans for 2009:

1. Get a car

2. Continue swimming

3. learn a new sports

4. Get a new laptop

5. Decide for Masters

6. Grow my hair

7. Raise an African Grey

8. Perform the 'lazik' thing for my eyes

Looking forward for a happy new year :)