A World Like Never-Never Land

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Its time to party!!! I'm holiday'ing for the next THREE WEEKS!!! Ain't I lucky to be a teacher?

Anyways, before I go into the holiday'ing mood, I have an update to add regarding my school adventures.Starting with ME. I took some time to chill. I think I feel too overwhelmed about the whole new job thing. I'm thinking of my students, my class, the school, the administration, the parents, bla bla, all at the same time. Thats NOT good. All whats happening to me now is think think think, and not much of doing...I cant do it both together! Maybe I should start with my class, coz they matter the most at the moment. So: NO books, NO reading, NO breaks. I just wana APPLY and get started.

Ghadeer: I couldnt let her go! Okay I know I 'was' pretty SURE about moving her to another section. That was my decision. I went on a tour to visit the other sections and check out the classes and teachers over there. Starting with the DEAF. They have smart students, very social, and independent. BUT, they have the worst teachers, and its VERY SILENT over there. NOT GOOD. Next, I went to the "mental development" section. Their kids are cute, few are intellectualy on a slightly below-average level, social, they play and jump around. BUT, many behavioral problems, very crowded, and not all the teachers are good for Ghadeer. I hope I sound reasonable enough and I'm not just making up those reasons.

So my plans for this holiday is to read the books my brother got me from London. I am also planning to apply PECS on Ghadeer, Ahmed, and Reem. I really hope it works out for them! It'll be marked as Achievement #1 Insha'Allah.I'm missing my students already, AND I still dream of them. I had a dream about Hamda; that she spoke. Wow...I hope she does someday.