A World Like Never-Never Land

Friday, May 18, 2007

..........one more week

I can't believe how days pass so quickly...I still remember typing a post about my first visit to the school..ten weeks passed since then and I have one more week to go...

I remember how frustrated I was and depressed because of being placed in this school..now I realize that it was the bestesssssssst internship experience I could ever have had in my life...Its amazing to be in a place with professionals all around you who have such great knowledge in your area..I can't waait to be one of them...to have an answer for every question..and a solution to every problem!!

Week nine has passed, and I just had to shed a tear almost everyday because I'm leaving this school..I don't want to cry like a baby on my last day its so embarassing...but I really can't help it!!! Leaving those kids..those lovely teachers..the whole environment is just different. I would probably end up applying for this school, at least to work for a year, because I'm SURE that I will leave with such a great experience, ideas, and strategies that I can use later on in the government kindergartens. Ofcourse I should never forget my main goal--serving my country, my children, my people.

My plan for week ten is to interview as much teachers as I can in order to have a final rich professional research paper that would be a useful resource for me at the end. Its very interesting to listen to all the views about inclusion that those "Experts" have, especially regarding the application of it in our schools. It is such an old topic to discuss in their country. They already introduced inclusion in their education system since the 1960's, and they just reached the "full inclusion" in around the year 2000. I hope it doesn't take us that long coz I'll be like 60 years old and I already can't wait to see it happening!

Anyways...when making decisions..should I listen to my brain or heart? I no longer know what to trust more. All I know is that my heart has betrayed me a number of times, and I don't think I can listen to it anymore. But if I listened to my brain, it can sometimes break my heart, which can be really hurtful. And if I listened to my heart, my brain will never stop making me feel so guilty. Guilt vs Pain. Such a confusing choice.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Its the end of week 8...and I have already started withdrawing from my circus, which won't be "mine" anymore.

During the past week, I finally realized that the kids really find me special. Their special teacher. With all the gifts, the "I love you" messages, and the way they introduce me to their parents as Ms.Noora...it all made me realize that I did touch their lives is someway.

I do admit that I did not do any formal teaching the past week. I was very busy thinking of my new capstone and how should manage my time for the next 26 days. El7imdilla now I have a VERY detailed step-by-step plan! It made me feel so much better and READY to move on and do my best on my very last project.

Hmmm..I don't think I have much to say. It breaks my heart to talk about my children now that I'm leaving them. I just want to keep these thoughts in my mind, and try to never forget each and every one of them. I recognized that not only teachers touch students' lives. Students do make a difference in their teachers' lives. Even if they can't see it.