A World Like Never-Never Land

Sunday, March 25, 2007

And they are:

Pesco: He has very beautiful eyes. His accent is very attractive, pesco he's half Spanish and half French. He always has things going on in mind. I can add him on the Angels list.

Space-freak: This dude is in love with space, aliens, spaceships, rockets, and living on Mars. He actually thinks that he's already been to space and met real aliens. Its always illustrated in his drawings. He can get aggressive, but I can handle him as long as he's NOT being with the lil-monsters group.

Brett: His British accent is charming. He always uses complicated language and long sentences. It always starts with "You knowwwwwwwwww....". Sweetie Angel.

Mohammed:...definitely on the Monsters list. He is a very spoiled brat. Disrespects me due to our similar cultural background. He always questions whether people around him like him or not. He always wants to be aggressive to others. Very clever. Yet, he is attractive in a weird way.

Raven: You directly fall in love with her curled blond hair. It suits a shampoo commercial. She has an adorable smile with her teeth showing. DON'T LET THAT TRICK YOU. She's always hanging around boys, acting like them, and shouting like them. You actually never notice that there is a girl in the group. She always cries when things do not go her way, but ignoring her is the best strategy to use in that case. She loves being positively reinforced. It makes her feel good about herself.

Princess: Again, spoiled! But she is very cute: reminds me of a little princess. Sometimes she is not in the mood, it shows from her frustrating attitude. She likes to be the leader. And yeah, loves showing-off when mommy is around.

Farah: Hmmm. Her attitude becomes very annoying when she's annoyed. Things should go her way, or else the child is "not her best friend" *familiar?!*. Enjoys creating certain groups of "best freinds" where they share stuff and play together. However, other children do not stick to HER best-friends deal. Farah is a social child. She's the first to hug me and tell me "I love you". That was on my first day!

Beauty Queen: NOT! Thats what her mom wants her to be. I really love her personality. Despite her mother's efforts to show the "gurly" side of her, she proves to be herself at all times. I guess her mom is not satisfied with how her daughter looks like, but her personality makes up her beauty. She is very welcoming in terms of new people in class. She is smart. Very friendly. Fair. Listens. Exhibits excellent leadership skills. I bet that gurl is gonna have a FUTURE.

Kitten: Very quiet. Very slow. Petitte. Has a cute smile. Nice to be around her when you need a peaceful time.

Moonlight. She was named after a princess in Iran. Her name's meaning is similar to mine. She is very tiny, and she has a very funny (cute) voice. Remind me of tweety's lol I never get to understand what she's talking about, although she enjoys talking to me. I dreamt of her twice since I haven't seen her in a week.

Big boy: He's a bit huge for K1 students. He gets lots of attention in his family, since he came twenty years after his elder brother. I don't really like his English accent. Its very "Arabic", although he doesn't speak Arabic. He's always not in the mood. Doesn't listen all the time. Enjoys interrupting the teacher. Loves sharing others' food.

Ronnan: I did not notice his presence until my second or third day in school. He didn't respect me as a teacher in the beginning. He fell in love with me after the first story I read to him. He is a very handsome child.

Mr.Healthy: His healthy food shocked me. He is very quiet. His language is not understandable. He always needs things to be cleared up for him. Sometimes, he never listens. I just like his peacefulness.

The NEW one: Adorable rich blue eyes. Very cute. Listens at all times. Smart. Haven't seen her "evil" side yet. She seems to be perfect.

Pum-pums: She always has stories to share. I really like being with her! I guess she's very well-raised, and very friendly just like her mother. You can feel her parents' support through the confidence she shows in her actions.

Ms.SWEETIE: I so fell in love with her smile and long hair. VERY nice talking to her. Perfect little gurl. So loved by her family. She speaks English so much better than her mom. If I would like to have a daughter, I hope she looks similar to my sweetie!

Ching-Chang: He's a BIG boy too. Can get very aggressive *it hurts*. He loves positive reinforcement. VERY imaginitive. Builder. Creative. Talks a lot. Cute Thai-English accent.

Max: He's the always-on-mute child. Living in a different world. He takes things in a sensitive way. Seems like he's not there most of the times. Not very social, but joins in during playground. I can't really see him as a child.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Week one?! It feels like YEAR ONE to me. When I call my class a circus, it REALLY is a circus.

Today was one of these days for teachers, when we're supposed to welcome parents with fake smiles and lies about how smart their child is. I wasn't ready at all, and I wasn't really in the mood.

I finished up preparing the kiddos' gifts for mother's day. The gifts looked really pretty and worth it. I actually made one for my mom, and she thought it was sweet.

The mothers came in with food and sweets, and the children performed a very cute song for their mommies that I also sang for my mom lol AND she thought it was sweet too.

Later on, it was time for me to slowely withdraw. It didn't occur to me at the beginning, but Aida hated it too! lol Great example of a perfect teacher. Phew, I wasn't alone.

Mohammed's mother joined me while I was sitting on a couch in the hubb, reading stories to some of the kids. She started an unexpectedly long coversation about her whole family, but I thought she was such a sweet mommy. BUT.....I really really really hated how Mohammed was acting in front of his mom. I ended up asking him to immediately stop interrupting our conversation.... in front of her O=) I know that wasn't appropriate, but I thought for a second that his mother can't really deal with his silly behavior. That turned out to be true.

The day was over, and I had lunch for the first time. After having lunch, I went to Niche and discussed with her an issue that made me feel really guilty. By the end of the day, she came to me and told me that I look pale and tired, and that I must rest and eat well. She gave me a kiss on my forehead and a cake. It made me feel like crying. I thought it was too early to cry, and I left the school, wondering about how I might be feeling by the end of week 10.

One interesting thing happened today, which made me really proud of myself. Ronnan, Mohammed, & Raven are three kids that I hate dealing with. They're very naught, dirty, and silly. I remembered that they were children after all when it was reading time.

Raven actually made the first move. She asked me to read her a story, and I gladly did. I thought it was my chance, since I was certain of my reading skills. The second I started reading, Ronnan, Mohammed, Majed, and Farah gathered around me, and acting really polite! After I was done, they took turns in reading their stories. I was proud of myself. Finally, I won their respect. Or maybe, thats what I hope.

I just wana take this weekend to relax and reflect on the things that went on last week. I also wana plan an activity for next week to start getting involved even more in my class.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Survivor: Day 1

The plan was to keep a daily log of my internship...change of plans: I can barely breath after more than 8 hours in my new "circus" kindergarten class. K 1 YELLOW. Thats what they call it.
I was really excited for my first day. I put on nice clothes, and my high heels *the biggest mistake of my life*...and OFF I LEAVE!The teachers welcomed me with hugs and kisses which made me feel better...not the "outsider" kind of feeling...then we left the classroom to an informal staff meeting where upcoming events were discussed, meetings, visitors, trips...etc. I felt like an "outsider" at that time. It was weird to be the only local at a place in your own country, and the second one who actually covers up.
Swimming! It was a little difficult for me to dress up the children coz they were a bit resistant, since I was a new face. They also wanted to show me how grown-up they were by getting ready all alone. By the end, I was able to help out my 17 children.
Morning session! songs, calendar, letter of the week, sentence of the week...it was really cool.
Anyways... I haven't eaten a single thing on that day...not even water..maybe i was a bit overwhelmed...It was too tiring...I was physically DEAD by the end of the day..I can NOT imagine going through all that for the next ten weeks...My mentor teacher is such a sweetie! I know I'm gonna learn so much from her..and I'll never forget her...seems like too much for the first day..but trust me..it was TOO MUCH!
Funny stuff happened, like how excited they were about me being local...and how the kids hide under my abaya..and how they were shocked to know that I've got hair under my shaila lol They're adorable..up to this point.
By the end of this week, I really wana reflect on every single child. I wana see how my view will change by the end of the tenth week *watery eyes already*
Today was an interesting day too! I received one of the nicest comments.
"Noora, has anyone told you how sweet you are? You are very sweet."
It was really nice to hear it coming from someone who barely knew me. I was flattered!
Comments from the children never stops. Mohammed was begging me today to speak Arabic with him, after having a difficult day with him yesterday. He probabely thinks I'm his friend, or I'm gonna treat him "different" than the others coz we're locals. No honey, thats not gonna happen! I hated him the first day. Today, I saw the clever mind in him.
I also had to do those mini-interviews with the kiddos. They had to talk about their mommies! Once they sat on the couch, they started moving around and they lost their loud voices lol But they made cute comments like:
"I love my mom. She washes her hair everyday."
"I love my mom. She takes me to Sahara Center."
"I love my mom. She always tell s me how proud she is of me."
That was sweet.I guess I'll be having tons of stories to share everyday I spend at my circus. Yes, it is tiring. However, every second I spend over there is a learning experience. I should always remind myself of that.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


First impression...LOVELY!!

Okay lets go back to when I was feeling DOWN and DEPRESSED and all of that. It was such a BUVVVV on my face !! To start with, I had all those plans for my internship "hoping" and pretty certain about being placed at a special needs center. Being a 100% full-time special needs teacher.

Four years later..."I'm sorry, but they did not accept you as an intern teacher."

I felt that all my dreams and the pinky bright future is gone. But hey, I can't give up. I prayed so hard to make it work out at the end. El7imdilla...9alat eleste5ara NEVER failed me. Although I was still not accepted at a special needs center, but I got over it. Then I was informed that I'm doing my internship at an inclusive classroom which is GREAT. Its gonna add so much to my experience especially once I start teaching at a government school. I'm gonna be THE inclusion expert!!

Well, yesterday I went to visit my lovely school and I met the sweetest teachers ever. God I so love teaching. Just for the fact that most people who choose teaching as a profession are the sweetest on earth. And I mean the ones who are true teachers. Teachers for REAL. They're very cooperative, nice, kind, and with smiley faces. I insist on MOST of them; not ALL.

Anyways, first I met an Indian lady. She's the inclusion expert over there. I barely heard her voice. She's such a respectful lady and I bet I'm gonna bore her to death with my questions about inclusion. Not literally ofcourse O=)

Then !!!! I met my Canadian mentor teacher. Origins: half Palastinian, and half Italian. Weird mix, but I might consider practicing my poor Italian with her. The first two things I noticed were her knee-length cute pinky-violet skirt (which I have previously seen at a shop & I liked it but I didn't find my size) AND her really big time curled hair. Such a sweetie !! "A perfect team."

I felt really great after this visit. I think my teaching is gonna be a million times better at a private school than a government one (secret: English language). However, I'm already missing the local children. Not to sound like a racist, but they relate to me in a different way. I mean I saw this little local girl at my current school, and the second she saw me she was like "essalam 3alaikm" with a very cute and shocked look. Like she has never spoken Arabic in years lol

Anyway, I've never done a practicum at a kindergarten private school and I'm so looking forward to it! By the way, I'll have to keep a daily log to hand in by the end of my internship. So I guess what I'll do is use my blog for something useful ;)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I wonder if there is a definition for "Friendship". Or to be specific: "A Best Friend". I've always had in mind that one should stick to particular people who would be labled as "Best Friends", but its okay to hang around those who are just "Friends".

When I was a child, I used to be very picky when it comes to choosing the 'lucky' ones. The descriptions varried ofcourse as I grew up.

In kindergarten, I noticed those who were calm, withdrawn, and isolated. I know its hard to believe, but I still remember how I felt exactly when other children were being mean and nasty to them. I acted as the super-girl who defended and protected them from the bad ones. I hated being best-friends with whoever is better than me. With those who were the teachers' "favorites".

In the primary stage, it was the opposite. I don't know why, but I always had fun with the non-locals. I even spoke like THEM. I liked the smart and popular ones. But at the same time, they MUST obey my rules.

Then it was the worst stage. TROUBLES. I was in love with troubles. I hated teachers. I always sought for attention; the bad kind of attention. My best friends were those who came up with creative ideas for troubles, and who were ready to get into a new adventure everyday.

Its the final stage already. I quit troubles. I quit attention. I was stuck with two people I never thought I'd label as my best friends. Not only that, but they will be around for the next seven years. Supposedly "around".

Anyways, enough from hell school, I wana move to the four best years of my life so far. Only that they weren't really part of those best years.

At the beginning, we used to make fun of ourselves.

"I can imagine you in a couple of years when you will pass by, wave HI, and just move on like a stranger."

"A day will come when we will go like, are you still alive?"

At the time is was funny, but when it happened, it wasn't at all. I'm not really into typing this post coz days passed and years passed, and by the end we're all okay...starting a new life and not in need of each other all the time. Maybe emotionally, but we're able to survive.

I'm not sure of how our relationship will look like five years from now, and I don't even want to think of that. Now my "best friend" is getting married, and I'm hearing it from people with the assumption that I wouldn't know. I hate it when they do that.

Oh well, I guess life goes on. It happens with everyone. We're fine. We're happy. We're best friends. I hope. I love them both.