A World Like Never-Never Land

Monday, November 27, 2006


Last weekend was such a B-L-A-S-T !

It all started when I felt like going to the beach...literally, just going there ! Walk barefoot over the sand (which is by the way a natural foot scrub--an effective one)...watch the different shades of blue that are reflected on the sea...listen to the waves...collect shells..and just live the moment !

I started googling different hotels...beginning with Oman. Although I really love that country but I was discouraged with the pictures of the hotels over there..plus they were all four stars hotels, and I thought I was into spoiling myself in a five stars one >_<

While I was into the googling process, there was a weird hotel name listed in a place I never heard of since grade 6 social studies class--JABAL AL DHANA, and I thought..THATS THE ONE !

I directly called my dad, and ofcourse I succeeded in convincing him that we ALL need a break and spend some time with each other in that specific place...he did all the arrangements and we were lucky enough to find two rooms a day or two before the weekend *thanks to the wasta*

It was time to pack up. I did not know what clothes to take with me or what kind of weather will we face. I was pretty much busy imagining how will the place turn out to be ! And I was a little scared since everyone was a bit hesitant about spending more than three hours going to some place no one has ever heard of or have been there. It was time, and we had to spend three hours from Dubai until Jabal Al Dhanna, and time went fast.

It was SO worth it !

This place was just as I imagined it would be, even more beautiful than what I thought ! The amazing shades of blue; ones I only see in pictures. The sound of the waves, the AMAZING weather...ahh I just can't find the right words to describe it !! We all had such a great peaceful family time. I stopped thinking of everything related to uni, and I really tried to make the most of it. What made it more fun is that there were no male-Arabs, which gave us more freedom in performing whatever water sports available at the hotel. SADLY, there weren't much except for the "water bicycle" which was okay.

Another thing I did not know about was the "Cultural Carnival" that takes place at the hotel. The staff dressed in cute colorful costumes, danced around, and took pictures with the hotel guests. We enjoyed that as well !

Also, I had a great time collecting shells with my cute little niece. We collected beautiful ones together. I even showed her those shells with tiny animals inside. She loved them ! We found baby crabs and snails. She was so amazed with all those cute sea creatures that she was able to find. I love the look on her face and her voice tone when she gets excited about something lol
Anyways, we placed all what we collected in a bottle and filled it up with sea water. By the next day, they were half dead and I felt so sorry for them. I convinced her to give them up and take them back to their "mommy and daddy" in the sea. I also reminded her with "Finding Nemo" and she finally agreed, with a sad look on the face...poor thing !

After spending three amazing days at Jabal Al Dhanna, it was time to go back home. I so did not want to leave, but my dad promised that we will come back some time SOON ! Everyone thanked me for such a great choice..e7im :)

Thank you DAD *hugs*

Thursday, November 09, 2006

November 09

It is a special day, a very special one.

Bringing you into this life is one of the miracles, and a definite blessing...not only for your parents...but to the world...including myself :)

The times you stood by my side when I felt so lonely...the darkness surrounding me..I so needed someone to support me...you showed up like you were some kind of an angel looking after me...and making sure that I'm doing the right thing...following the right path...building up my steps toward the future I've always dreamed of...and being successful in everything I do..

You never under-estimated my dreams...no matter how big and far they seem to be..you shortened the distance...and made those dreams appear right infront of my eyes...

You cared about the very little things that I usually take care of...

You are the first to use the word (Smart) to describe me..instead of (Nerd)...lol which although sounds funny, but means a lot to me...

You touched my life in many different ways..and I am so thankful & grateful for all those six years that you've been a part of :)

Thank you for bringing happiness and joy into my life...Your presence not only draws a smile on my face...but I feel that my heart, soul, and my life are smiling back to me :)

Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

True or False ?!

I've been so tired this week. It's really hard to fast on the days when it is NOT Ramadan. Everyone is eating and the aroma of food is so tempting..not mentioning the physical "weakness" that I go through during the day, and the fact that I sleep every afternoon which is annoying coz I can't get started with the assignments until sometime late at night! Above all that...having f6oor all alone...that's SAD

Anyways, I've been preparing myself for this so-called exam in the "Applied Research Methods" course. I thought I was very well prepared until the second I stepped out of the classroom. The mistakes I made in the exam started to show up in my mind. I can't believe I did those silly mistakes ! I rushed to the entrance door in order to have a seat and go through the powerpoint slides that I had in my hand. It turned out to be that I made those mistakes because I did not read what was NOT highlighted. It made me go mad! What's even worse is that I realized that I did the most horrible mistake that's gonna make me look like I haven't been listening to the teacher for the past two months. I did understand every single word, and I wish there is another way to prove it.

The only thing that made me feel better is that I saw MIZZ which was NOT expected. The fact that I saw her drew a big smile on my face, especially that I actually gave her the hug that I have sent her electronically the very last night =P Friends are so needed especially at times like that. It gave me flashbacks about how we used to study together, and how I used to wait for her after the exam until she's done (always the last to go!)

The exam is over, and tomorrow is a new day.