A World Like Never-Never Land

Monday, January 14, 2008


Truth has many definitions. It links to words like reality, acceptance, fact, actuality, accuracy, correctness....but truth is perceived in different ways. Truth is sometimes a hidden fact..an embarrassing reality...unaccepted..wrong...

Saying the truth is even harder. It takes so much courage..confrontation..and I don't really know if only love itself can actually give us that amount of power to say the truth and defend those whom we love dearly.

Again, having the choice of either being the truth itself, with all its definitions, or just part of it in someone's life is a choice of a lifetime. One should be responsible enough to make such a choice, and have so much faith. So much faith.

Love fills up your world with so many colors, but there's always a missing color that leaves a shadow...this shadow may be your shelter to hide in..hoping for a real colorful rainbow that lifts you up the sky.

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Thats my new blog! Ofcourse I'll never give up my never-never land. My special world will only discuss my everyday adventures with the little ones. I really want you guys to read and COMMENT!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Term (2)

Today, 6th of January 2008, is supposed to be the beginning of the second term at my skool. I'm kinda having the 'butterflies' feeling but in a different way. One thing I really hate about myself is FEAR OF FAILURE. I mean even if I fail, it IS still a learning experience ..isn't it? I guess its normal to feel like a lousy teacher, I hope it is. But above all, I think my greatest success of my first academic year will be learning how to love my students from all my heart. And I'm still hoping for more "successes" !! So for this semester, I have new goals. I'll try to make it brief, simple, and realistic!!

First, achieve at least 50% of the IEP goals that I set for my students.

Second, focus on teaching, teaching, teaching, and ONLY teaching.

Third, avoid distractions.

Fourth, improve the physical environment of my classroom.

Fifth, use PECS effectively.

and thats it!!

Another idea came up ..I think its gonna be useful for me *professionaly* to create another blog and discuss ONLY my day to day adventures with my students. It would give me a chance later to compare between their performance and behavior throughout time. I also want to activate the comments option and maybe share my experiences with other individuals instead of just keeping it to myself. This might be the first step towards 'spreading awareness' about special education and people with special needs. Not like I'm the EXPERT, but its always useful to relate to my short, but rich, experience in this field!

Anyways, I really miss my four children and CAN'T WAIT to give them the huge-est biggest hug of the year.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dear 2008,

Before I type this post, I had to go back to the "Dear 2007," post. Its amazing how major changes occur in one year. Just one year. I remember how I felt typing that specific post. I was very scared of the unknown. I was feeling empty from the inside. Perhaps 2007 was better than I expected. El7imdilla, I graduated with a high GPA. I have 2 healthy cute little nieces. I managed to get my very own job; job of my dreams. I am financially independent. and I cut my hair SHORT. Typing the 2008 post should be much easier.

What I wish for in 2008:
1. see a change in my 4 students. To the better.
2. have more babies in the family
3. keep in touch with my dear ones
4. travel to a country for the first time
5. learn a new thing
6. start Yoga classes
7. save money
8. get a driving license
9. plan for my Masters which should be in 2009
10. follow a healthy diet
11. go to alhajj or omra Insha'Allah
12. get involved is some kind of project that serves the national community
13. give up my beloved IBM laptop and buy a new one

Thats what I have in mind right now.

Dreams and goals. I can count my goals but, ofcourse, there are no limits to my dreams. Some dreams appear right infront of my eyes and can be turned to reality. Others seem to be so far that they fade away. There is one dream that nearly turned to reality. Or I thought it would. But through time, its been getting farther and farther. I can barely hold on to it. It didn't come true in 2005, not 2006, and unfortunately, not 2007. I hope you make it come true in 2008.

Happy new year.